It’s a Big Decision, America

Schools help students make sense of the electoral process.

With the Presidential Election coming town to the wire, Livingston students have some questions for President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.

Like “How far would you go to stop bullying?”

That’s among the questions posed by students at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, where fifth grade teachers are helping students make sense of the electoral process.

The students are excited about the presidential race, and have been following the current coverage of the campaigns, debates and issues – and the opinion polls, said teacher Nicole Emaus.

“It’s a Big Decision, America,” the fifth graders proclaim on a bulletin board where they’ve posted questions for the candidates.

Too bad the debates are over. Here’s a sampling of what fifth-graders want to know:

What will you do to make college more affordable?

How will you help kids stay safe?

Can you accommodate food allergies in the school lunches you provide us?

How would you stop world pollution and global warming?

What will you do to help preserve our planet for the future?

All voting districts are up and running in Livingston. Polls open at all districts at 6 a.m.

The local school board election is part of Tuesday's ballot.


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