Ritz Diner: My Oh My, What a Pie!

Have a bite at the home of television star Guy Fieri's favorite apple pie.

The Ritz Diner epitomizes everything there is about a diner. Counter service and a mesh of food types make this a top choice for just about any eater, whether they are in a rush or looking to stay for a while.

Breakfast consists of the usual suspects: eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast. The pancakes come in a number of different varieties, including chocolate-chip and strawberry. These aren't your fast-food style strawberry pancakes swimming in a sugary mess. No, no these are real strawberry pancakes with freshly cut fruit on top that adds enough sweetness to make syrup a non-necessity.

In addition there are various specialty items, including the potato pierogies, which are potato-filled dumplings fried on a skillet topped with onions and served alongside a dollop of sour cream and a cup of apple sauce.

There are a number of options for lunch and dinner too. There are burgers for the meat-lovers, as well as mammoth triple-decker sandwiches served on your choice of bread. There is a wide-variety of salads as well for those who love their veggies. These salads can also be topped with grilled chicken upon request. The soup menu is comprised of the ever-so popular Matzoh Ball, chicken noodle and a soup-of-the-day.

Just when you think you've eaten your last bite you, there it is. A large glass case filled with various treats sits in the middle of the diner just waiting to satisfy the craving of any sweet-tooth. It draws you in like a magnet with its plethora of brownies, cookies, Babka, cupcakes, cakes, pies and other pastries. All of these tasty treats can be wrapped up and prepared for the go you know, just in case you get hungry later.

Upon leaving the diner, you may notice a large autographed poster of television star Guy Fieri (NBC's Minute To Win It) hanging over the cash register. In January of 2008, the Ritz was featured on the hit Food Network television series Diners, Drive-ins and Dives starring Fieri himself. On the show the eatery was noted for their homemade apple pie, which Fieri liked so much all he could exclaim was “My oh my, what a pie!"

It's safe to say that customers will have that type reaction with just about all of the diner's delicious offerings.

Still can’t get enough of that homemade Ritz apple pie? Currently, local radio station WDHA is running a contest to determine the best diner in the entire state of New Jersey and they have included the Ritz in their Top 10 Diners list. To vote click here and sign up for a free WDHA “D-Club” account. After that be sure to check in every hour as you can submit additional votes and help get Livingston’s own the recognition they deserve.


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