Yabba-Dabba-Doo! 8th Graders Meet the Stone Age

At Heritage, students spelunk to learn more about prehistoric art.

It was a bit like the Magic School Bus series at Heritage Middle School as eighth graders explored a cave full of prehistoric paintings. The students were spelunking in France – or so it seemed, their classrooms darkened and transformed magically into the layout of the famous Stone Age art gallery in Lascaux. 

In fact, one of their teachers looked a bit like Betty Rubble from the Flintstones. “I’m just trying to bring it alive to them,” said Bisconti, wearing a Ms. Frizzle-like cavemen-style dress and bone earrings.

A few weeks back during a lesson on an archeological dig she came dressed as Indiana Jones. The prehistoric “field trip” with Bisconti and Alexis Becker on October 11 was part of the World History and Cultures unit on Becoming Human.

Students scrambled flashlights in hand to hallways of the caves created in their classrooms. Over two days, they explored the Great Hall of the Bulls, the Lateral Passage, Shaft of the Dead Man, Chamber of Engravings, and the Chamber of Felines, reflecting on the paintings and their feelings at looking at images recorded thousands of years ago.


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