The Early School Goes Interactive

The Temple B'nai Abraham school has purchased a new 'SMART Table'.

Learning at just got a bit more high tech. 

The Temple B’nai Abraham school acquired a SMART Table interactive learning center, a collaborative educational tool for students.

The SMART Table is the first multi-touch, multiuser interactive learning center that allows groups of early education students to work simultaneously on one surface.  It has a 22.5” x 16.875” touch screen that lets students work together on different games and activities.

“Children (and their parents) today expect technology to be part of their lives, and the students approach this educational tool with a natural curiosity and eagerness to incorporate it in to their activities,” Debbie Aronson Ziering, Director of Early Childhood Education of The Early School, said in an e-mail to Patch.  “Thank you to the Early School Parents’ Council who generously supported this project.”

The activities pre-loaded in the table help children learn reading and counting through collaboration and critical thinking.  Students are prompted and congratulated with sound and graphic cues as they learn to work as a team.

“Designed, with its 360 degree surface, to stimulate collaboration among preschoolers, it includes learning applications that enable students to work together in groups of two to eight students) on a problem and then come to a consensus before giving their answer,” said Ziering.  “The SMART Table adds another creative way to enhance our students’ social and cognitive development.”


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