State Report: 39 Incidents of Violence, Vandalism, Drugs In Livingston Schools Last Year

Livingston School District was not among the nine most violent school districts in the state.

Livingston had 39 reported acts of violence, vandalism and substance abuse last year in its schools, according to a newly released state report. 
Officials from the New Jersey Department of Education released the 2012-13 school year Violence, Vandalism and Substance Abuse in the Schools Report on Thursday. 

There were 5,784 students enrolled last year in Livingston public schools. Of the 39 incidents in the state report, 17 were incidents of violence; five were vandalism; seven involved weapons; five involved drugs or substance abuse; and 12 involved harassment, intimidation or bullying.

Across Essex County, there were 115,441 students enrolled in public schools. In addition, the report states there were 690 incidents of violence, 178 incidents of vandalism, 117 incidents with weapons, 182 incidents with substances and 437 HIB for a total of 1,527 incidents.

Livingston School District was not among the nine most violent school districts in the state. 


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