Livingston's Graduation Rate Dips Slightly In 2013

Superintendent John Alfieri said he wants to improve the graduation rate even further by expanding opportunities for students and investing in technology.

Although Livingston School District’s graduation rate may have dipped slightly in 2013, it is still far above the state average.  

The district’s graduation rate was 96.04 percent in 2013, according to data released by the state Department of Education in December. The rate fell a mere 2.27 percent from 2012, according to state data and was slightly less than the district’s 2011 graduation rate of 97.81.

Superintendent John Alfieri, who was appointed to the post this summer, said he was the graduation rate was “very good” and was “very proud of the graduation rate overall.” 

Alfieri said he wants to improve the graduation rate even further by expanding opportunities and choices for students in all the schools. In addition, he said the district wants to take advantage of new technologies in the classroom.

“Technology has got to be a major thrust of this district because it keeps kids interested and … willing to participate and engaged,” said Alfieri.

The highest districtwide graduation in Essex County was in Verona, which had a graduation rate of 98.62. Verona edged out Millburn, which had a 98.60 percent rate, and Cedar Grove, which had a 97.92 percent rate. 

New Jersey's high school graduation rate was 87.5 percent in 2013, which increased from 86.5 percent the previous year. 

This is also the third year the state used a federally mandated methodology for calculating the graduation rate, which according to the state's website, is "designed to provide a more complete accounting of graduation rates by tracking cohorts of students over four years, starting from the time they enter the ninth grade."


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