Kindergartners Celebrate the First Thanksgiving

A visit to Cedar Street Commons, givens seniors and children more reasons to be grateful.

Kindergarteners celebrated their first Thanksgiving in Livingston Public Schools by singing with seniors, popping popcorn and churning butter, and giving thanks with music and poems. 

As their families gather on Thursday, they’ll share the things they are grateful for – and yes, kids say the darndest things – everything from candy to family and “my new boots,” said Julie Bachrach, a kindergarten teacher at Burnet Hill.

Thanksgiving presents a variety of opportunities for teachers to tie the holiday with the kindergarten curriculum, everything from the patterns designed on paper bag headdresses to shared reading of stories and poems, and lessons on the First Thanksgiving, said Sandra Criscenzo, a teacher at Collins Elementary School, where the school has a long tradition of visiting senior citizens at Cedar Street Commons.  

“The intergenerational experience is something they treasure,” Criscenzo said.  

“We need to see children,” agreed residents who live in the senior citizens apartment complex. “More often.”

“I don’t have little ones anymore,” said Rita Menkin. “My grandchildren are all grown. I love children. To me, they’re precious.” 

That was the feeling of the morning at Cedar Street. Helen Wruble, a vibrant age 103, presented small gifts. Claire Santoro gave a new friend a hug and asked her to visit again. “It was wonderful today,” Mrs. Santoro said.

“I enjoyed every minute of it.” 


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