Solar Panel Installation Begins on Township Buildings

Three township buildings are expected to have panels installed on the roofs.

Livingston is joining a long list of townships who are turning to solar power as a way to lower energy costs.  The township has begun installation of solar panels on the roof of three buildings; Town Hall, the Livingston Public Library and the Senior Community Center.

The panels are intended to generate a total of 127 kilowatts per hour, saving money in energy bills for the township.  Bids on the project went out in December, with the lowest bid of $467,234, which was less than expected.

At the time, Township Manager Michele Meade said energy consultant Steve Winter Associates estimated the solar panels would be an asset for 25 years. The energy consultant said it would take about 12½ to pay off the solar array on the township hall and 14 years to pay off the solar array on the library.  

In April, Meade said the project "looks like it makes sense" since the construction costs are fairly low.  Funding for the project will be through Capital Funds.  Work started this month and will be finished by the end of October.

The township now joins the Livingston school district, who has already installed solar panels on the township’s nine schools.


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