Readers React Live to Second Presidential Debate

New Jersey readers gave their thoughts as we live blogged about Tuesday's event.

The first presidential debate gave President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney a situation they could prepare for a bit. 

On Tuesday night, due to the town hall-style of the questioning at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., it presented a much different situation for the two candidates.

During our live coverage, we asked residents throughout northern New Jersey to join in the debate by participating in our live blog and tweeting their thoughts with #PatchPolitics. 

The discussion on the blog was almost as lively as the one taking place on everyone's television sets.

One commenter gave an opinion on what question they'd like to ask a citizens called upon at the debate.

"My question would be: What trait does your opponent posses that makes him a better candidate than you, and how are you working to eliminate that deficit for yourself?" Kelly commented.

Something similar was asked in the last question by a citizen at the debate when the person asked what each candidate believed was the biggest misperception about each of them as a man and a candidate?

Moderator Candy Crowley was also a subject on the live blog, with differing opinions.

"btw.. Candy Crowley did a very good job tonight," reader Patrick said.

Reader "Pk" felt differently, saying "Crowley is biased as was already known!"

One of the things the candidates agreed on was the need for more of an emphasis on the existing gun control regulations. One reader felt similarly about the need for assault weapons to remain regulated.

"I am a gun owner. But who has a legitimate need for an assault weapon?" reader Bob said.

When it came to immigration policies, reader Kelly questioned Romney's stance.

"Romney: wait, there are no jobs for our college students, but he wants people with degrees from foreign countries to get a green card stapled to their diplomas?" the reader said.

Similarly, commenter Jim B. did not see eye-to-eye with the president on his energy policy.

"Four more years of Obama will bring us $10.00 a gallon gas, skyrocketing electric rates, and heating costs which is a tax on EVERYONE!" he said.

When it came to the debate overall, Prentiss Gray, who writes a political blog weekly on Patch, gave his opinion on how the candidates fared.

"Obama comes roaring back, but this is a difficult format for the Governor," he said.

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