Livingston Participates in National Preparedness Month

At a recent town council meeting, the township declared it a month of preparedness.

In an effort to help the town’s residents be aware in the case of emergencies, Livingston has decided to participate in this year’s National Preparedness Month.  Sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security’s Ready Campaign, National Preparedness Month is a nationwide effort designed to increase awareness as well as encourage individuals, families and businesses to take action and prepare for emergencies.

“Twelve years ago when I first got on council, this wasn’t really a focus for any level of government, except for the national government, at least not to the extent that it is today,” said Mayor Stephen Santola.  “The events that we have had over not just 9/11, but some of the incredible storms we’ve had has really put a focus not just on the nation, but all the way down to municipalities to have a level of preparedness.”

This year, the Ready Campaign and its DHS partner, Citizen Corps, are encouraging Americans to take simple steps to be prepared.  Some of those steps include being informed, making a plan, getting a kit and getting involved about the different types of emergencies and their appropriate responses. 

To help spread the message and make its employees and members of the community better prepared, the Livingston Township Council issued a Proclamation on September 4 declaring September as National Preparedness Month in the community. 

“Nothing so clearly reminds us about the importance of emergency preparations like Hurricane Irene and the October Nor’easter that significantly impacted Livingston last year” said Township Manager Michele Meade.  “It’s so easy to put off planning for an emergency to another day because we are all so busy and I am guilty of that too.  Please join us this month to safeguard your family in the event of an emergency.”

Toolkits are available on the Livingston Township website's OEM section.

“One quick trip to the grocery store with the toolkit list in hand, will set in motion a peace of mind for you and your family," said Meade.

More information about the Ready Campaign and National Preparedness Month is available at their website or call 1-800-BE-READY.


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