Schedule Your Livingston Metal Recycling Pickup For December

The deadline to call the township to pick up metal recycling will be Friday, Dec. 13.

Residents looking to recycle metal objects can do so at the end of December. 

Livingston residents looking to get rid of refrigerators, air conditioners, metal dehumidifiers, grills or other metal items can recycle them on Wednesday, Dec. 18.

But residents must call the township by noon on Friday, Dec. 13, to be but on the list for any metal pickup.
To be put on the list for metal pickup, do one of the following:
  • Call 973-992-5000 ext: #5522; or
  • Send an e-mail ticolari@livingstonnj.org; or 
  • Use the Township’s Citizen Service Request system link on the main page of the Township web site at www.livingstonnj.org  to “Submit a Service Request." Give your name, address, and a description of the item (or items) to be put on the list for pickup.  

If you want to receive confirmation of your request, note that you will receive the most immediate confirmation response by sending an e-mail or using the Service Request system.


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