Livingston Township Council Honors Camuso Committee, Approves Resolutions

Two honors and a donation at this week's meeting.

Mayor Rudy Fernandez honored the Camuso Holiday Decoration Committee at Monday night's Livingston Township Council meeting. Fernandez presented representatives with a plaque for their hard work and dedication to preserving the Camuso family legacy.

An independent conservancy, the Camuso committee operates in partnership with the Business Improvement District and many local volunteers to preserve, repair and honor the bounty of holiday decorations, which were donated to the town by the family of the late Ernie Camuso.

This year, the committee plans to have the Christmas tree repaired, said a committee member.

The committee, adhering to another long-held Camuso tradition of collecting money for the Saint Barnabas Burn Foundation, presented a check for $1,800 to Director of the Burn Foundation Beverly K. Foster.

Fernandez also presented the Knights of Pythias with a plaque for Pythian Awareness Week. 

The council introduced the following ordinances:

  • Ord. 1-2013 Rezoning Lot 42.03 in Block 2700 from R-4 Residence District to B-1 General Business District, which amends a rezoning done in 2008.
  • Ord. 3-2013 Bond Ordinance for Backup Wells 3-5, which will help the town work toward being independent in managing and pumping its own water in the future.
  • Ord. 4-2013 Livingston Town Center Title 39 Enforcement, which will aid police in enforcing parking rules at Town Center.
  • Ord. 5 –2013, for replacing Chapter 57 Alarm Systems, with Chapter 57 Alarm Monitoring Systems of the Code of the Township of Livingston, is an attempt to cut down on the number of false alarms. It will require all homes with burglar alarms to register and pay annual registration fees, and fines on third false alarms.
  • Ord. 6 —2013 amends Chapter 29, Article V to restrict parking on portions of Mayhew Drive and Washington Court. According to the Council, excessive parking in certain spots on these streets, especially during Little League season can become a hazard for emergency vehicles.
  • Ord. 7 –2013 amends Chapter 29-18 of the Code of the Township of Livingston Designating Bus Stops, by slightly moving specific stops for safety reasons.
  • Ord. 8 -2013 authorizes the sale of property no longer needed for public use.
  • The following Resolutions 13-82 and 13-84 to 13-90 were approved as a bulk group:
    • R-13-82 Appointing Norman Gudema to Livingston Environmental Commission (Memorialization)
    • R-13-84 Authorizing Contract with S Brothers--Milling and Paving of Hillside Avenue—Section 7 and Reconstruction of Kredel Avenue
    • R-13-85 Senior Youth and Leisure Services Updated Program Fees
    • R-13-86 Authorizing Contract with Midwest Construction--Reconstruction of W. McClellan Avenue
    • R-13-87 Resolution of Support--NJDEP 2013 Green Communities Grant
    • R-13-88 2013 Temporary Capital Budget
    • R-13-89 Authorizing Use of the Competitive Contracting Process Packet
    • R-13-90 Authorizing Purchases Under Morris County Cooperative Purchasing Program
wetochwink February 27, 2013 at 01:59 PM
Regarding Ord. 5 –2013 - why does the annual fee need to start at $50? Why is it necessary to have annual fee anyway. All monitoring alarm systems are registered with township police during install anyway. If false alarms are consistant - I agree with assessed fees, but I do not see why alarm owners need to pay an annual fee. There are enough fees in town already. Soon enough we will need to pay for the air we breath in town.


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