Livingston Donors Gave More to Romney Than Obama

NJ Spotlight Interactive Map shows Livingston residents contributed more to the former governor's campaign than to the President's re-election campaign.

Although New Jersey residents shelled out $1.3 million more to President Obama's re-election campaign, Livingston supported former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with more than $180,000 in contributions, according to a new interactive map released.

The map, compiled by NJ Spotlight from an analysis of Federal Election Commission data, breaks down the number and amount of contributions by zip code. Each zip code is colored red, Republican, or blue, Democrat, depending on which party received the most in contributions.  

For the Livingston zip code, 07039, the map shows residents gave Romney's campaign $182,631 in 203 contributions. 

Despite receiving over 500 more donations than Romney, Obama only received $104,284 in donations from Livingston residents.  715 contributions to the campaign came from Livingston.

Essex County is shown split between Republican, red, and Democrats, blue. Traditionally, Western Essex leans Republican, while towns in the eastern part of the county lean Democratic. For more details, go to the NJ Spotlight map.


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