Help Wanted: Party Planners for 200th Anniversary Bash

5 Things You Need to Know includes a Livingston pizzeria that may soon be filing for bankruptcy.

1. The Livingston Bicentennial Committee is looking for members to help prepare for the township's 200th birthday in 2013. "This isn't about one parade or one night of fireworks. We want to have education about the history of Livingston," said Councilmember Stephen Santola.

Santola encouraged the public to present the committee with any ideas, both big and small, about how to honor Livingston's heritage. The group's ultimate goal is to hold events throughout all 12 months of 2013. "I will guarantee you that our 200th anniversary that we are going to celebrate in 2013 is going to be very, very memorable," added Scott Maynard who heads the committee.

2. Sbarro Inc., the parent company of the the Sbarro pizzeria chain, which has operated for decades in the Livingston Mall is expected to file for bankcruptcy as early as this week. There is no word yet on the future of the Livingston location, as well as the 1,000 other stores nationwide. Read moreĀ here.

3. Deputy Township Manager Russell Jones announced during the Town Council's Conference meeting last week that the township received a $1,000 grant from the Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund, more commonly referred to as the JIF. The grant money will be used towards improving safety within the Livingston community. Last year, Jones pointed out that the JIF money was put towards the purchase of emergency eye wash kits, which are used to help flush chemicals out of the eyes in the event of an accident.

4. Last week, the Township Council reluctantly approved an ordinance to establish two zoning to the Dubrow and Squiretown properties. This comes after a ruling by the state's court. Mayor Rudy Fernandez explained that in order to appeal the court's rulings, the council first had to approve the ordinance. Additionally, the council passed a resolution to pay Liberty Construction for an additional $5,330 work related to the relocation of a generator to the Northfield Firehouse.

5. Anthony Puglisi, a representative of Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo, announced that the County's 35th annual will run from April 4-April 17. On Saturday there will be a bike race throughout Branchbrook Park and on Sunday there will be a 10K run. Registration is required for participation in both events, however the public is invited to come and watch for free. In the coming weeks residents will be able to track the blooms via a web cam setup by the county here.


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