Mercedes Benz Stolen from Livingston Car Wash

The luxury car was later recovered in Newark after a police chase and the thieves bailed out of the car.

A Livingston woman had her luxury car stolen while it was left unoccupied and running at a local car wash, according to police. 

On Sunday around 1:30 p.m., a resident pulled her 2013 white Mercedes Benz 300 up to the entrance of the Livingston Car Wash, at 111 E. Mount Pleasant Ave. She parked the car running and got out so that the car wash employees could vacuum the interior, according to police.

While the attendants were cleaning another car, a man reportedly jumped into the Mercedes Benz, put it in reverse and sped out through the entrance of the car wash onto Route 10, according to police. 

Livingston Police put out a bulletin about the stolen car to nearby police departments. Not long afterwards, Newark Police Department came across the car being driven in Newark.

Police gave chase and four people bailed out of the car on Huntington Street in Newark’s West Ward and fled, according to police.  

Police were unable to arrest any of the people driving the stolen Mercedes Benz.

The car was recovered and towed back to Livingston.  

Witnesses at the car wash told police they had seen a white Mitsubishi pull into the car wash shortly before the Mercedes Benz was stolen. Livingston Police traced the license plate to a car out of East Orange that was reported stolen on June 5. 

Police also obtained surveillance footage from the car wash. The matter is still under investigation, said Livingston Police Sgt. Anthony Dippold. 


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