Shoplifting, Theft, Fraud 'Tis Holiday Season In Livingston

The Livingston Police reported to dozens of cases of shoplifting, theft and fraud during December, according to police reports.

It was a busy holiday season for shoplifters in Livingston.

During the busiest shopping season of the year, there were a total of 36 incidents of shoplifting, theft and fraud, according to Livingston Police reports. That comes to about 1.16 incident per day.

While all the incidents of shoplifting happened at the Livingston Mall, there was no specific area in town where thefts were concentrated, according to police reports. 

The Macy’s at the Livingston Mall had the most reported cases of shoplifting, six, and the mall's Lord & Taylor followed with five, according to police reports. 

In addition, there were 20 people arrested — included two juveniles — in connection with 15 incidents in December, according to police reports.

Below is a breakdown of shopliftings, thefts and fraud that the Livingston Police responded to in December.


  • Macy’s, in the Livingston Mall: 6
  • Lord & Taylor, in the Livingston Mall:  5
    Sears, in the Livingston Mall: 3
  • Barnes & Noble, in the Livingston Mall: 2
  • Zumiez, in the Livingston Mall: 1


  • No specific location: 13
  • Macy’s: 3


  • Lord & Taylor: 2
  • No specific location: 1


  • 13 people arrested who were involved in 10 incidents of shoplifting
  • 6 people arrested who were involved in 4 incidents of theft
  • 1 person arrested who was involved in 1 incident of fraud


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