Audi Stolen From Livingston Driveway While Warming Up, Police Say

The license plate of the stolen Audi is ZKA75H.

A new luxury SUV was stolen out of a Livingston driveway Tuesday morning while the resident left it warming up unattended, according to police.

A resident left his 2013 black-colored Audi Q7 idling in his driveway and went back inside his home shortly before the snow began to fall in Livingston around 7:40 a.m. in the 200-block of E. Cedar Street, according to Livingston Police Sgt. Anthony Dippold. 

While the Audi was idling, a silver Acura or Honda pulled into the driveway , according to Dippold. A man with a medium build wearing a blue ski jacket and a gray hood then got out of the passenger-side door and jumped into the idling Audi, according to Dippold. 

Both cars then left sped away and drove northbound on E. Cedar Street toward Interstate 280, according to Dippold.

The license plate of the stolen Audi is ZKA75H. 

The owner of the Audi reported that there were also gifts and other items in the car at the time it was stolen, said Dippold.

In addition, police are analyzing a security camera which caught the entire incident on tape, according to Dippold. 

Anyone with information about this incident should call the Livingston Police Department at (973) 992-3000. 


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