Poll: Local Moms Gone Wild?

CNN article cites Montclair's cheating spouses.

An article published this week on CNN.com highlighted a phase that—apparently—many affluent moms in Brooklyn are going through dubbed "the 40-year-old reversion." In other words, the tedium of raising children is driving moms to go out at night and party as though they were in their 20s again. These days, the article says, misbehaving among moms has become a little bit less like misbehaving.

But the article goes on to say that, of course, it's not just a New York City phenomenon.

The article says: "When having dinner at a pub in Montclair, New Jersey, my girlfriend, a local, started pointing out patrons she knew who were at the bar cheating on their spouses. They were all parents and none of them seemed to be looking over their shoulders. Later she introduced me to a couple with kids who decided to make their marriage an open one after the wife's affair with a neighbor was exposed."

The author of the CNN piece, entertainment writer Shanon Cook, says she never expected to go out nearly as much as she does after becoming a mom.

"If there's an uptick in Moms Gone Wild behavior among the Brooklyn co-op set, it wouldn't be anything new. Heck, if 'Mad Men' is any measure, this generation's mommies were regularly tucked into bed by parents already three sheets to the wind before heading out to the neighborhood key party."

Cook also notes that, to save money on sitters, it is indeed often just one parent who goes out.

"After a few rounds at the bar, mom might start to actually feel a little on the single side. And her susceptibility to do something nutty might correlate to the challenging—even desperate—day she had."

 For a look at the complete article, go here.


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