Patch Picks: Turtle Loves Us

OMG! Entourage's Jerry Ferrara reads Livingston Patch.

Jerry Ferrara sure knows how to pick ‘em.

Now I have to confess. When Patch sent us the photo of Ferrara in a Patch T-shirt, I thought the guy looked good, but I wasn’t altogether sure who he was. We don’t have cable TV in our house, which makes me pretty clueless about pop culture.

“What planet have you been on?” my friend Charlie asked when I posted to Facebook.  “I mean this guy was Meadow Soprano's boyfriend. Cut out the Masterpiece Theater on Sundays and get in the real world with real peeps!”

Fair enough Chuck.

I know something about Ferrara now. First, he’s Turtle aka Sal on HBO’s wildly popular comedy Entourage. He recently lost weight, which definitely explains why he looks better in the Patch T-shirt than I do. And he’s a huge sports fan.

ESPN asked him to the studio on Saturday for his celebrity picks for College GameDay. Coast-to-coast, the Patch T was the fashion accessory for choices like Wisconsin over Nebraska. (Really? OK, I checked. It’s a really big game).

So what gives with the Patch shirt?

Ferrara’s from Brooklyn and we're told he keeps tabs on his hometown via the sites there, and is also a big fan of … Livingston, NJ.


How can that be!

“Yes, Livingston is one of his favorites,” came the confirmation. He was introduced through some of his suburban buddies.

Turtle, we love you, man!

If you're reading, tell us how you feel ... in comments!

Thanks to editors Shelley Emling and Lia Eustachewich who helped me fill in the pieces. Jerry if you’re reading, check out their sites too, Montclair Patch and Southward Patch in Newark. That's what friends are for.



Walter Joyce October 01, 2011 at 08:09 PM
Marilyn - what a great "T shirt" - where can I get one !
Dave Edwards October 03, 2011 at 12:58 PM
Weird article. Made it seem like Turtle was wearing a Livingston shirt. Do the authors know that Patch is available in hundreds of communities around the country?


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