Meet the Skaters of the Jerzey Derby Brigade: Little Mo Peep

Meet Little Mo Peep, one of the Jerzey Derby Brigade's newest jammers and the February Skater of the Month.

This tiny skater is tearing it up on the track! Little Mo Peep made her roller derby debut at the end of the 2012 season and has been hard to miss ever since, which is why she is the Jerzey Derby Brigade's Skater of the Month for February.  Mark your calendars for April 20th to see her in action at our season opener at Inline Morristown (38 Dumont Place, Morristown, NJ).

How did you hear about derby?  How did you get involved?
I “remembered” derby when I watched the movie “Whip It!” (cliche, I know, but true).  I remember thinking “Hey, it would be awesome if they still had derby..”, not knowing that women’s roller derby was actually alive and well at the time. Then my girlfriend and I spotted a flyer on the community bulletin board where we live.  It was for an intra-league mash-up between the Corporal Punishers and the Major Pains of Jerzey Derby Brigade.  We went to see it, wanting a fun (and different) night out.  We had a blast and I thought “Hey, I was pretty good on skates back in high school! I could probably do that!”  I looked up The Brigade’s website and contacted Doom Hilda, went to a fresh meat orientation but didn’t end up joining until 3 months later, due to a two-week hospital stay with mononucleosis which left me with an enlarged and delicate spleen.  It only took me 37 years but I’m finally here!

What does your derby name say about you?
Currently, I am without an official derby name.  I’ve been unofficially dubbed “Little Mo Peep” by Doom.  Not sure yet if I’m sticking with it.  What does it say about me?  I would imagine it contains some reference to my small stature.  The “MO” part...well, let’s just say, if you know me, you probably get the reference.  If you don’t know me, this is not the place to describe the TRUE reference. So you can assume that “MO” is short for “momentum”, which I hope to have more of when I increase my speed.  “MO” also contains the first and last letter of my last name, which is pretty cool.  And “Peep”...hmm...I ask you, who doesn’t love squishy, sugar-coated, marshmallow goodness in the shape of a cute little chick or rabbit??

What is your favorite position and why?
I like the position of jammer the best.  I love the challenge of trying to find the holes in the pack.  Due to my size, I think it’s the position in which I can dominate with the right attitude, work, and heart.  I love being the one responsible for scoring points.  It’s a position that requires agility, strength, speed, endurance, and focus...a true challenge.. and I love it.

Fill in the blank:  “Roller derby makes me feel____.”
Strong....athletic....exhilarated...accepted...sore (but in a good way!)

What do you want the people of Morristown to know about the sport?
First of all, that it is still being played!  Many people actually don’t, I’ve found.  They should also know that the girls, seemingly “normal” in everyday life...teachers, lawyers, students, scientists, artists, homemakers, etc. of all ages are actually athletic, outrageous, funny, sexy, smart, unique women with a passion for team spirit, speed, strength, and, of course, fishnets and colorful socks.  We LOVE and NEED your support and invite individuals, couples, adults, children, guys and girls to see a bout.  We guarantee an exciting, hard-hitting, awesomely different and family-fun night out.  We know you’ll be hooked!

Learn more about Little Mo Peep here

Visit Jerzeyderby.com for more information.

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