Local Mom Creates "Happy Box" for Cherished Family Moments

Simple idea holds your family's happiest memories.

Forget about those time-consuming scrapbooks. And everyone knows by the time you scramble for the video camera, the moment is lost. 

A local mother of four shared with Patch a simple way to keep track of your family's happiest memories. 

Try the idea of a "Happy Box" shared by Noele Lonergan of Fairfield.

Lonergan said the idea of a jar (or box) to tuck away memories throughout the year was discussed at a parent meeting at her church. 

Write down your children's achievements, milestones and those magical moments and tuck them into a jar or box. At the end of the year, sit down and read them together as a special celebration during the holidays.

Remember to date the note before placing it in the box, Lonergan said. 

Plus, make it a fun craft project to decorate the jar, box or whatever you choose to use!


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