Waking up from a Kitchen Nightmare

Gordon Ramsay returns to a NJ restaurant and this time only has nice things to say.

The Gordon Ramsay visited the Spanish Pavillion things didn’t exactly go smoothly.

The notoriously mercurial celebrity chef and reality show host had a laundry list of criticisms for the Spanish restaurant in Harrison. Filming what became the season opener of “Kitchen Nightmares” at the restaurant, Ramsay upbraided the owners, Jerry Fernandez and his brother Michael, for squabbling with each other, offering uninspired fare and improperly maintaining their facilities.

And, perhaps most memorably, he found a live pigeon in their kitchen and a dead lobster in their tank.

Ramsay’s second visit, by contrast, was all smiles.

“He was very, very positive,” Fernandez said.

Ramsay returned with his crew last month to film a follow-up episode about the Spanish Pavillion to find all of the shellfish was living and all of the birds were outside of the building.

“He said a couple of times that there weren’t any dead lobsters,” Fernandez said.

Fernandez said that Ramsay was complimentary about the food and the atmosphere. 

Ramsay also returned to find the fraternal tension dialed down considerably than his last visit. The tension between the Fernandez brothers was a major part of the original show. Since then, Michael Fernandez has left the restaurant to take a job with the

Fernandez was mixed on the results of having his restaurant take part in the show. He said the publicity drew in curious new patrons and that the menu and decorative suggestions were largely positive, but the negative portrayal of the Pavillion kept some regulars away. He said he hoped the return show would provide doubters with any reassurance they would need.

The show is slated to air in September.


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