Finding The Perfect Sandwich: Nana's Deli

This week we stop by Nana's Deli to see if they serve up the perfect sandwich.

"Homemade doesn't have to mean made-at-home". That is the slogan of Nana's Deli, located at 127 South Livingston Avenue.

Much of the eatery's food embodies the restaurant's philosophy of making high quality home-style meals. On the Nana's Deli webpage, owners Marc and Jason Dworkin proudly display the fact that the staff at Nana's Deli makes the restaurant's chicken soup from scratch and bakes their pastries on the premise.

Nana's Deli's menu is varied, with sandwiches catering to just about everyone's tastes. One of the more popular creations is Grandma C's special, which sells for a reasonable $11.95. This large sandwich consists of roasted turkey breast served with hot stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise on rye bread.

Another favorite sandwich on the menu is the Sloppy Joe, which is sure to fill your appetite as it is jam packed with turkey, corned beef, roast beef and cole slaw and topped off with Russian dressing.

In addition to the subs, there are portions of the menu devoted to salads and burgers. The salads, big or small depending on how hungry you are, can be served alone or with grilled chicken, salmon, tuna or turkey.

In the midst of the heat wave, my friend Matt and I decided to cool off and grab a sandwich at Nana's Deli to see if the restaurant lived up to all of the great things residents have been saying over the years.

What Did We Think?


When we first arrived at the restaurant I was a bit skeptical as to if we would be able to snag a table since it was prime lunch time and the eatery did not appear to be very big. Much to my surprise, despite the small entranceway, there were plenty of tables in the full-service dining section past the deli counter.

The chicken cutlet was lightly breaded and the meat itself was warm. The partially melted provolone cheese was sharp and gave the sandwich a little bit of a flavor kick.

The fresh bread soaked up the balsamic vinegar dressing perfectly and added a bit of flavor to the chicken. For $11.95 I could have easily made two meals out of the sub, as I often do because the sandwich is huge, but this one was simply too good to put down.

One unique addition to the dish that I had yet to encounter throughout my deli tour thus far was the inclusion of the seasoned pita strips. The pita chips were crisp, a nice compliment to the rest of the sandwich. More often than not delis like to throw in a side of chips or fries, so it was nice to see something different for a change.


I was debating whether to go with the Italian sub or Grandma C's special. I'm certainly happy I choose the latter as it turned out to be one of the best sandwiches that I've had in a while.

There was such a tremendous amount of turkey and stuffing packed into the sandwich that I had to take it apart and eat it with a fork. The layer of cranberry in the middle of the stuffing and turkey gave the sandwich an overall sweet taste.

It was like Thanksgiving all over again. By the time I was finished with the sandwich I was convinced that it was already November. That is until I stepped outside and realized that temperatures were still in the mid-nineties.


Nana's Deli was a real treat to eat at. The ambience was unique, as I thought that the table piled with antiques gave the dining area a nice down-home touch.

The servers brought our food out quickly and checked in on us a handful of times to make sure we enjoyed the food. In my opinion, the restaurant's prices were fairly generous since both sandwiches were rather hefty and came with a pickle, cole slaw and pita strips.

Just remember, you may want to pick something up at the deli counter for the rest of the household to eat because I doubt you'll be hungry for the rest of the day after taking in one of Nana's tasty sandwiches.

As delicious as the food at Nana's Deli was, we still have more sampling to do before we can name our perfect sandwich! Next week, we will sample the sandwich offerings at Coco Bello Café.

Nana's Deli

Address: 127 South Livingston Avenue

Phone: (973) 740-1940

Website: http://www.nanasdeli.com/

Date Reviewed: August 12, 2010

GGB July 22, 2011 at 01:16 PM
Try the Gazpacho. Fabulous!
Brandon Isaacson January 27, 2012 at 07:02 PM
Nice piece Phil.


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