Comedian Steven Wright at The Wellmont

The 'peripheral visionary' comes at you sideways.

Steven Wright has been around for awhile, and he hasn't changed a bit. Okay, he's older and heavier and he looks as if he's auditioning for a Beckett play, but his act and his delivery are still very, well, Steven Wright.

And that was just fine for his audience. Wright is the master of ironic one- liners, spoken with a fine tuned lethargic delivery that makes his humor even more unique. You can try telling the jokes to friends, but somehow they are just funnier coming out of Wright's mouth. And they come at you constantly. Every once in a while he gives you a moment or two to let the joke sink in, which is helpful because these are one-liners that you actually need to think about. 

Some of the things he would like you to consider:

"If heat rises, heaven might actually be hotter than hell."

"Why is the picture square if the lens is round?"

"I'm addicted to placebos. I could quit, but it wouldn't matter."

He took a couple of breaks from the standup to sit down and play a few tunes, accompanying himself on guitar. Lullabyes about baby prostitutes and killing kittens (he wrote that one when he "was three years old") were just as funny as the jokes. 

And the jokes kept coming, for about an hour and a half. Philosophy, absurdity, and plays on words ( "I have a decaffeinated coffee table") mixed together in his own theater of the absurd.

He had a few insights about himself as well, which may lead to further understanding about the man :

"My life is not based on a true story."

"I have my own space program — in my head."

"I'm insane — you think it's a show."

Well, we were wondering about that — but we did enjoy the show.


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