Weather Too Warm to Ice Skate at Littell's Pond, Town Warns

Call the Livingston Department of Public Works or check the town's website or Facebook page for more info.

While the ice skating season at Littell's Pond is open for the winter, Livingston Township is reminding residents the weather is too warm for ice skating. 

The pond must be frozen solid enough to provide a safe skating surface. There is a sign at the pond that tells residents whether or not skating is allowed.

There is currently no ice skating allowed at the pond. 

When there is skating, it will be posted on the township's website and Facebook page.

For more information, call the Livingston's Department of Public Works at (973) 992-5000, ext. 5522,  Monday through Friday. If you need information about the pond’s status on weekends, call the Livingston Police Department at (973) 992-3000.


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