Livingston Teams With MADD to Fight Drunk Driving

Livingston shows support for the "Tie One On for Safety" program.

Livingston joined forces with Mother's Against Drunk Driving on Wednesday to present an informative campaign on drinking and driving.

Sitting at the Livingston Public Library, Delores Keller of the Livingston Health Department and Livingston Police Officer Joy Klapal handed out red ribbons to residents as they explained the danger of drunk driving.

Approximately 70 residents took ribbons and pledged to put them on their car, as according to the MADD website, the ribbon is a symbol of the motorist’s pledge to drive safe, sober and buckled-up during the holidays and hopefully will remind others to do the same.

According to James Bryant, National Program Manager for MADD, more than six million red ribbons are distributed throughout the year with the holidays being the prime time since it’s the heaviest travel time when many alcohol related crashes occur. 

“Red ribbons are a visual aid that acts like stop signs to remind people not to drink and drive,” Bryant said.

Officer Klapal said the MADD campaign appears to be working as there has been a 20% drop in alcohol-related accidents, especially among teenagers.

"We came (to the library) this year because we know a lot of kids come here after school," said Keller while handing out a ribbon.  "We hope this will be a good reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving."


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