Livingston Resident a 'Champion for Transportation for Vulnerable Populations'

Michael Vieira recognized for advocacy of improved public transportation for elderly, disabled and otherwise disadvantaged.

Michael Vieira (Contributed photo)
Michael Vieira (Contributed photo)

Livingston resident Michael Vieira, the Transportation Administrator for the Essex County Division of Employment and Training, was awarded earlier this month the prestigious Doctor and Mrs. William & Budd Bell Award by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) at its annual Awards Banquet in Saint Paul, Minn.

The award, presented annually at the Association’s national EXPO recognizes the real advocates in our midst—the people who never tire of working on behalf of older Americans, people with disabilities, the economically disadvantaged and other transit dependent people ensuring that efficient, effective mobility is available for all Americans.

CTAA Regional Director Jo Ann Hutchinson, in presenting the award, declared that “through his work both in Essex County, New Jersey and as President of the New Jersey Council on Special Transportation, Michael Vieira is a champion for transportation for vulnerable populations.” 

"With his advocacy, commitment and dedication, he improved access for not only those needing transportation for employment but also his advocacy for all dialysis patients and a more common-sense approach that benefits community and public transportation operators making these life-sustaining trips will surely come to pass," Hutchinson said.


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