First Public Sale of Bicentennial Daffodils Today

After multiple "bagging parties," the daffodils are ready to be sold to the public.

Ever since it was announced that Livingston would be covered with thousands of blooming daffodils to commemorate the township’s bicentennial, residents have been asking where they can buy their bulbs to join the fun.

The first opportunity for residents to buy their bulbs will be Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., in conjunction with the township’s next electronic recycling day.  Bulbs will be sold on the upper level of the Senior Community Center. 

Arlene Johnson, co-chair of the Livingston Bicentennial Committee, has arranged for 20,000 daffodil bulbs to be sent to the township for residents and businesses to plant in the upcoming month.  The committee's plan is that if the bulbs are planted in October, they will be in full bloom in March.

 “The feeling is that you can drive all around town and see the daffodils welcoming you to the bicentennial,” said Johnson.

To prepare for the first public sale of the bulbs, the committee teamed up with two local student groups.

On Thursday, the INTERACT club met in the Livingston High School cafeteria to begin the “bagging process” for the bulbs.  The students put ten bulbs in each bag, and then stapled planting instructions and a poem by William Wordsworth to each bag.

The next day, Daisy Scout and Girl Scout Troop #20384 joined in on the fun and had their own "bagging party" at Collins School.  The girls, who ranged from kindergarten students to fourth graders, bagged hundreds of daffodil bulbs to be sold.  The troop also bought 200 bulbs to be planted at the school

The bulbs will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  The prices for the bulbs will be 10 bulbs for $3, 20 bulbs for $5 and 50 bulbs for $10.  Each private household will be limited to 50 bulbs, while businesses can purchase up to 500 for a mass planting.

“If a business has a place to plant the bulbs, they should at least buy 200 to make an impact,” said Johnson.

The Livingston Bicentennial Committee has been meeting for almost two years and Daffodil Day is expected to be the kickoff to a long celebration fitting for a 200th birthday.

“The most fabulous kickoff is to have the whole town participating in the planting,” said Judith Heller, communications director for the committee.  “It’s really about reaching out and embracing many different generations to get involved.”

Susan Scheichet September 29, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Are they yellow? What size?


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